About Ja’Nada (jah.nah.da)

My method of practice is Mothering the mother. So your mom can be present
& I’ll assist you with the birth work! 
Encouraging families to unite, endure and enjoy their journey of birth experience.
Towson University Alumn, Biology Degree with a dual major in Women Studies &
Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, and Bioinformatics (MBIII) 
As a scholar I am very savvy at the medical lingo & am happy to translate information with you! 

Currently , pursuing education within the  Nurse Midwifery community. Practicing Doula Since 2011.

 I am humbly thrilled to serve our worlds majorities of women of color communities.
So far my experiences have spaned across country. From the following counties in Maryland – Prince Georges, Fairfax, Frederick, Montgomery and surrounding cities and the District of Columbia (D.C.)
To Presently, residing in Los Angeles, California.

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